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  • Class Review: 30 Minute Pick Me Up with Joan Hyman

    The deets.

    • Filming Location: Los Angeles, California
    • Style: Vinyasa Flow
    • Intensity: Level 2 = Moderate Intensity
    • Focus: Backbends + Hip Openers
    • Props: Block + Blanket Recommended
    • Average Rating: 4/5

                                                                                                                                   On the teacher.

    Joan Hyman always brings her A-game. Her excellent instructions, challenging and upbeat flows, and openhearted approach create an alluring yogic elixir of intelligence, intensity, and lightness.


    On the class.

    • Sweat. This class packs a punch for its brevity. It you’re looking for a dose of intensity and perspiration, this class is where it’s at!
    • Energize. Start with a very stimulating pranayama exercise: Breath of Fire. Get the Shakti surging in no time!
    • Stretch it out. Open up the hip flexors – typical areas of tightness and tension.
    • Feel expansive and awake. Practice Ustrasana (Camel Pose) to feel open and energized for your day.

    yogaworks vinyasa online

    What people are saying.

    • “I've never had a class with Joan in person, but I've had bazillions with Jeanne Heileman and she has always spoken highly and fondly of Joan, so I thought, "why not gives this class a try?" I'm a stay at home dad and sometimes only have small snippets of time so a 30 odd minute class sounded great. And Joan did not disappoint. You get a nice little all around practice here and feel like you've probed the depths in a good way. And it's definitely a "pick me up"! I think Joan may have intended this as a way to get going in the morning, but I practiced it in the evening of one of those logy Sundays where my kids had worn me out and I just couldn't get going. This did the trick! Thank you Joan!” ~Eric O.
    • "Ahhhh, thank you Joan! Missing our great two-hour practices but this is a whole lot more do-able these days, and it was just what I needed. Cleared a lot of those cobwebs right out. I'll be seeing you again tonight for a pre-sleep wind-down! Would love to see more of these shorter practices... for those days when a little is better than nothing!" ~Anne F.
    • "Perfect pick me up and centering after a busy day!" ~Emily W.
    • "Great way to start the day! Thanks, Joan!" ~Kendra M.
    • "This is a lovely class. It's well paced and packs a lot of good movement into the 35 minutes. I feel energized, a lot less sluggish than I did beforehand, and more relaxed all at the same time." ~Elana M.

    From Joan’s website: Joan Hyman is a distinguished YogaWorks Senior Teacher, who weaves her personal yogic journey into popular teacher trainings, workshops and retreats around the world. Her teachings come from an organic, intuitive place as she draws upon the joyful study of Ayurveda (the science of life), chakras and meditation. With over 20 years of experience, Joan is E-RYT 500-hour certified with Yoga Alliance and a dedicated, 10-year Ashtanga practitioner who is proficient in second series and recently has begun Advanced A (third series)—a high level of achievement among Western yogis. Her challenging and upbeat YogaWorks Vinyasa flow classes are well liked among the Los Angeles yoga community. Practicing with Joan is an experience; her instruction is intelligent and light, infused with a strong level of intensity that stems from years of focused study.

    Find more online yoga classes with Joan Hyman HERE.

    Get more on Joan Hyman at, find her on Facebook and follow her on Twitter.


  • One Awesome Sauce Yoga Experience!

    This customer comment by Ayden B was just too good to go left unrepeated. Plus, it totally encapsulates the pure awesomeness of Tammy Rowe’s newest Core Fusion cardio class.

    Here it is…

    "AWESOME SAUCE * Be prepared to sweat all over with the vivacious encouragement of a pro dancer. This was great fun and a motivating challenge to see everyone in the class in on the action."

    Dude, how could you not want a piece of this flow after that comment? Get yourself in on the sweaty, awesome sauce action.

    tammy rowe exhale spa

    Oh, and here’s a working definition of awesome sauce just in case you’d like to start incorporating the phrase into your vernacular…

    awesome sauce (n) :

    • The essence of awesomeness.
    • Something which is awesome, cool or spectacular.
    • A beautifully assonant phrase which can and should be used on any occasion where joy and elation are expressed.

    Example 1 :

    Yogi 1: Did you try out YogaVibes yet?

    Yogi 2: Yeah, two words: Awesome sauce.

    Example 2 :

    Yogi 1: Dude, check out this tattooed yogi in Astavakrasana!

    the tattooed yogi

    Yogi 2: Dude!!!! That variation is a huge bowl of awesome sauce!

    You get the idea.

    For an additional serving of awesome sauce, check out Tammy Rowe’s complete collection of Core Fusion yoga videos filmed at Exhale Spa.

    Vibrating yoga awesomeness,


    Photo Credit: Astavakrasana variation via

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