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  • Class Review: Journey to the Core with Pete Guinosso

    The deets.

    Style: Vinyasa Length: 46 minutes Intensity: Level 2 = All-Levels Online Yoga Flow Focus: Athlete-Appropriate, Core-Infused, Sweat-Inducing Props: 2 blocks Average Rating: 5/5

    On the teacher.

    Known for his joyful energy, compassionate guidance, and sense of humor, Pete Guinosso creates a spiritual yet light-hearted environment for his students to uncover the deeper benefits of yoga.

    Eka Pada Koundinyasana Pete Guinosso in Eka Pada Koundinyasana

    On the class.

    • Journey deep into the core. Take a ride on this physical and mental journey into your center of being.
    • Focus your efforts. Work your strength and flexibility using awareness, breath, and asana.
    • Sample Forrest Yoga. This online yoga video includes strong abdominal exercises modeled after the Forrest Yoga ab series.

    Pete Guinosso yoga online

    What people are saying.

    • "My core is on fire!!!!! It hurts so good! Great class. The instructor pushes you just enough.....will take this one again."
    • "Really works the core. This was the same class I took at the Evolution Yoga Conference recently in Hong Kong. Love it!"

    From Pete's websitePete’s teaching style is best described as a Forrest Yoga Inspired Vinyasa Flow. If you’re new to yoga and not quite sure what that means, the best way to explain his classes is they are designed to help you journey toward connecting your mind, body and spirit through breath work and awareness. Powerful sequences are designed to create a fluid practice of meditative movement, while also cultivating an awareness of alignment. Sometimes we laugh, sometimes we cry, but no matter what, we always work on building strength and flexibility. And we always sweat! Pete believes that vigorous asanas (poses) are a pathway to helping us overcome our self-imposed limitations; through a challenging yoga practice, we can see our potential to overcome any difficulty.

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  • Class Review: Core Flow to Bhujapidasana with Sarah Ezrin

    The deets.

    Filming Location: Los Angeles, California Style: Vinyasa Slow Flow Length: 47 minutes Intensity: Level 2 = Moderate Intensity Focus: Arm Balances, Core, Alignment-Based Props: Block + Blanket Recommended Average Rating: 5/5

    On the teacher.

    Sarah Ezrin delivers what I’m going to call a “subtle a** kick.” Her Vinyasa flows, though slow moving and incredibly mindful, are surprisingly challenging. Plus, she’s an alignment-cuing queen. Her stellar and precise instructions, combined with her intelligent sequencing, will allow you to work into postures with greater depth and awareness.

    flip dog pose

    On the class.

    • A Plank Party. True to its name, this class is heavy on the core work. Get prepared to plug in the belly and settle into lots of plank holds.
    • Shoulder Snuggling Action. Spoiler alert: The peak pose of this Vinyasa slow flow is Bhujapidasana, which translates as shoulder pressing pose. Don’t worry. Before you reach the summit, you’ll do some preparative training to make this arm balancing asana more accessible. If you can’t reach the summit today, there are still places you can work and play.
    • Slow Your Roll. This class is an opportunity to slooooow down. This doesn’t, however, make this experience any easier than a fast moving Vinyasa class. In fact, in many ways, it ups the intensity. Expect to really settle into poses, deeply connect to your breath, and sustain longer holds to build your endurance.
    • Instruction Heavy. Expect lots of awesome cues and options for various modifications on more advanced poses. There’s a lot to absorb in this class, which is why I recommend practicing it more than once. It really sets the stage for solid alignment and proper core engagement.

    ab workouts

    What people are saying.

    "This is a great video! It was pretty challenging, but not unmanageable. Sarah did a great job of explaining Bhujapidasana when it was time to try that pose!" ~ Nomnso K

    From Sarah’s website: Based out of her hometown of Los Angeles, Sarah is a RYT-500. She is trained in Vinyasa Flow and the Ashtanga method, which is her daily practice. Sarah received the YogaWorks certification to conduct teacher trainings in early 2011. Internationally recognized, she teaches workshops and retreats across the globe.

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  • Fresh Vids & Vibes: Core Crazes, Learning Your Limits, and More!

    Core Infernos. core exercises

    • Core Stability Flow with Alexa Lane // In this Vinyasa flow class, focus on core stability, strength, balance, and stretching the hamstrings. This online yoga class includes Half Moon Pose, Warrior III, Side Plank, Monkey Pose, and Boat Pose. Enjoy a seated cool down followed by savasana. (31 mins.)
    • Core Focused Flow with Gigi Yogini // Strengthen your core with the use of a block (or other creative prop) between your thighs to activate your lower abdominal muscles and pelvic floor. Challenge yourself by using this online yoga class as a regular practice to increase your overall strength. (14 mins.)
    • Xen Strength Yoga with Weights Core Balance Challenge with Danielle Diamond // This yoga with weights class focuses on building core strength while challenging your balance with a creative combination of standing poses and extra hip opening asana. Add upper body strength moves to sculpt your arms, plus cardio bursts to elevate your heart rate, and create core strength and balance like never before! Relax with a long cool down, savasana, and pranayama exercise. Practice with light hand weights or none at all! (72 mins.)


    Prenatal Restoration.

    prenatal yoga online

    • Second Trimester: Hips Open! with Olynda Smith // Focus on poses that are fantastic for the second trimester, but can also work well for anytime during pregnancy. After a prenatal specific warm-up,  focus primarily on hip openers. These grounding poses can help bring calmness and peace during periods of great change. They also prepare the body for the great transformation of the birthing process. Feel grounded, calm, refreshed, and connected to your body and baby. (30 mins.)


    Know Your Bounds.

    Lunge Twist

    • Learn Your Limits with Sage Rountree // In this online yoga for athletes class (and everyone!), work on learning where your limits are, and what might cause them. Along the way, develop the wisdom to discern between what you can control and what you cannot. Start with an innovative belly-down sequence to work the spine, hips, and shoulders. Then, move to a surprisingly tough sit-to-stand-to-sit exercise. Assess the range of motion in your hips in standing balance poses, then release your hips deeply in lunges on the floor. Finally, practice surrender in a resting position appropriate to your body's unique needs. (74 mins.)


  • Weekend Intention: Journey to Your Core

    arm balance

    This weekend, amongst your sun bathing, beer drinking, and other general acts of merriment, carve out some time to cater to your core. Turn up the heat and awaken your center in one (or more!) of the following online yoga experiences.

    Journey to the Core with Pete Guinosso

    Get ready for a physical and mental journey deep into the core of your own being. In this Vinyasa yoga experience, you will do focused work for strength and flexibility using awareness, breath, and asana. This online yoga class includes strong core exercises (modeled after the Forrest Yoga ab workouts), twists, and standing pose sequences. (46 mins.)

    Core Fusion® Barre Open (6) with Elisabeth Halfpapp of Exhale Spa 

    Fusing the disciplines of core conditioning, Pilates, the Lotte Berk Method, and yoga, this highly acclaimed transformational fitness experience incorporates 50 years of collective teacher expertise. Core Fusion classes allow you to work from the inside out, consistently delivering results, including washboard abs, a tighter and higher backside, and a perfectly toned body. This online yoga class is open to all levels and no experience is required. (62 mins.)

    Core Extravaganza with Ashley Turner

    Gear up for a core extravaganza! Challenge your entire core (both back body and front body) with a plank series and some unique core exercises on the floor. Get strong and feel more confident after practicing this online yoga class. (19 mins.)

    Core Flow with Danielle Vardakas-Duszko

    Get all set for an Honest Yoga signature flow spiced up with intense core exercises. This online yoga class is an all around great practice for your mind and body that will ignite your center from the big toes up! This practice will enhance your regular yoga routine by strengthening and toning your entire torso, allowing your practice to advance to more challenging asana. Work your rectus abdominis (the six-pack abs) and transverse abdominis (the girdle that wraps from the sides to the front of the torso). (65 mins.)

    Journey to your core to strengthen and satisfy the nucleus of your being. Better support yourself and your practice and also enhance your bikini-bearing beach bod. Be solid to the core, yogis.


    P.S. For more core exercises, visit our FREE and FUN collection of core stimulating yoga videos.

  • A Threefold Xen Strength Yoga Experience

    The best things in life come in threes like friends, dreams, memories…and Danielle Diamond’s Xen Strength Yoga classes.

    Yoga with Weights Xen Strength Yoga Founder, Danielle Diamond

    Xen Strength Yoga classes strategically incorporate light hand weights (3-5 lbs.) into a playful Vinyasa flow, for a yoga experience designed to strengthen, sculpt, lengthen, and challenge every muscle group. Now that spring and the not-so-distant summer are upon us, these yoga videos might be just what the doctor ordered.

    Check out Danielle’s newly added online yoga with weights classes, targeting 3 (there’s that number again!) sections of the body - the upper body, mid-body, and lower body:

    Xen Strength Warm Up, Upper Body and Core Sequence  (Segment 1)

    A rigorous warm-up prepares you for a blasting upper body and core strengthening session in this online yoga with weights class. Get the intense calorie burn you want without sacrificing precise alignment and all the benefits of yoga that you love. Do this as a stand-alone practice or combine it with Segments 2 and 3 for a full, hour-long online yoga experience. (23 mins.)

    Yoga with Weights

    Xen Strength Intense Core and Detoxifying Twists (Segment 2)

    Intense core moves deliver balance training, functional fitness, and a slimming detox/twist routine in this yoga with weights class. In this online yoga experience, you will be encouraged and inspired to work toward your edge and to challenge yourself while still honoring your current skill level. Do this as a stand-alone practice or combine it with Segments 1 and 3 for a full hour-long practice. (20 mins.)

    Yoga with Weights

    Xen Strength Bottom Line, Lower Body Focused Routine (Segment 3)

    The bottom line routine melts inches off your glutes, gets your rear in gear, lengthens and tones your legs, and ends with a restorative cool down. Do this online yoga practice as a stand-alone practice or combine it with Segments 1 and 2 for a full hour-long practice. (28 mins.)

    yoga with weights

    Challenge yourself and your idea of yoga with Danielle Diamond.


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