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  • Fresh Vibes: Meditate. Integrate. Elevate.

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    Dear Yogis,

    How ya'll doin'?

    Thanking whoever you thank for Friday? Psssh, I bet.

    There's lots of deliciousness on our updated online yoga menu, so go ahead and...

    Experiment. Experience. Enjoy.

    Legs for days.

    Legs Rule Supreme with Gwen Lawrence

    Sculpt and strengthen your stride! Join Gwen for a creative flow with a hybrid functional strength feel. This more energetic online yoga class will guide you to link breath with movement through a set of postures, dynamic holds, and core exercises. Target your legs, quads and hamstrings. Find stability and openness in your legs to protect your knees and hips. Practice this challenging, yet accessible, Vinyasa yoga class to get your heart rate going and your energy flowing! (62 mins.)


    Vinyasa Yoga to Connect to the Beauty of the Invisible with Jason Bowman

    According to classical yoga, the body and mind are inseparable from each other. The asana practice is a tool to disentangle the internal knots that make it difficult to appreciate the intimacy in which these two things relate. In this intermediate Vinyasa yoga video (filmed live at Yoga Tree), you will develop awareness of patterns of sensation in the body. Learn how to take residence in your body by simply feeling all the things that are invisible inside. Teach the nervous system how to remain graceful in all the movements of life. (78 mins.)

    Take a peek inside.

    Guided Meditation with Kino MacGregor

    Sometimes even the asana practice that we all love can be so physical that it is distracting for the deepest state of concentration and absorption. Tune into this guided meditation to begin the inner journey of mental fortitude that is the end goal of all yoga practice. Take the time to quiet, steady, and calm your mind. Anyone can benefit from meditation, not just advanced yoga practitioners. A calm mind makes for a happy life and we all want that! (15 mins.)

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    The Complete Yoga Core Strength Program with Kino MacGregor

    Deep core strength is a key component in every yoga practice. Developing your core muscles helps you to maintain good posture and a healthy back. No matter how beginner or advanced you are, this online yoga video offers you a comprehensive practice to boost your core strength. For regular yoga practitioners, this will be an intense practice aimed at burning away obstacles along the inner body. For new students, this will be an intro into the power of true core strength. Get ready to sweat! (52 mins.)

    Invert yo’self.

    Opening to Pincha Mayurasana: SmartFLOW Level 2/3 Practice with Tiffany Russo

    This well-rounded, alignment-focused SmartFLOW is perfect if you’re looking to deepen or challenge your practice. Focus on inner thigh work and shoulder openers, as you move through this booty kickin’ practice which preps you for the peak pose of forearm balance (pincha mayurasana). (88 mins.)

    Enjoy your practice!


  • 5 Creative Exercises to Sculpt Your Core



    Bored with your current core routine? Bummed on your results?

    Freshen up your ab-strengthening program and realize the results you desire with these 5 creative core exercises developed by Danielle Diamond, founder of Xen Strength Yoga. These unique movements will challenge your abs from all directions without a sit up - or anything that remotely resembles a sit up - in sight. So, say goodbye to old school sit ups and turn to yoga to effectively boost your core strength.

    These core exercises - based on foundational yoga postures - will help you to cultivate a strong, solid core without ever having to lie on your back. Two of the exercises in this free online yoga video will utilize weights, but don't worry, because these exercises can be done with or without the weights. Even without, you will most definitely feel the burn!

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    So, what are you waiting for?

    Go ahead and break free from the comfort of your typical core routine. Step things up. Boost your results.

    Dig this online yoga video? Find these exercises and more in our online yoga with weights classes on YogaVibes with Danielle Diamond.

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  • Yoga for Abs of Steel

    core strength

    No one’s saying you gotta flaunt abs of steel like Jersey Shore’s The Situation. In fact, please don’t. It’s a little much. However, there’s no denying that a strong core benefits you off and on the mat.

    Abs of Steel Perks:

    • Total body stabilization and better balance
    • Decreased risk of injury, most predominantly in the lower back
    • More grace and stability during transitions
    • Greater ease in arm balances (crow pose, etc.)
    • Greater ease in inversions (headstand, handstand, etc.)
    • Protection from the wear and tear of sitting all day at a desk
    • Balance to your 3rd chakra, boosting self-confidence (perhaps this explains why the The Situation has no problem flashing his ripped abs anytime, anywhere)

    To realize these perks, make a commitment to cultivating more core strength. Start building abs of steel by tuning into these short, core-infused online yoga videos.

    Abs and Arm Balances with Peter Barnett

    In this 35 minute online yoga sequence, Peter presents exercises that help you build abdominal core strength in preparation for practicing arm balances, and then presents opportunities to practice a number of advanced arm balances. (34 mins.)

    Ab Kickin' Quick Flow with Justin Michael Williams

    This beginner yoga video features quick and effective core exercises designed to target your upper and lower abs as well as your obliques. (18 mins.)

    I.AM.YOU. Abs and Back with Lauren Imparato

    Link breath with creative and athletic movements in a 30-minute version of Lauren's signature I.AM.YOU. class with a focus on strengthening the abs and back. This online yoga video features an athletic Vinyasa that is creative and funky while being strongly rooted in tradition. Lauren provides alternative poses throughout, making this a great prenatal class too! (32 mins.)

    Booty, Abs & Arms with Justin Michael Williams

    Sculpt your body in this quick, energetic yoga workout specifically designed to tone your glutes, abs, and arms. If you're ready to start taking your practice to the next level, then this is the perfect online yoga class for you! By building strength, you'll prepare your body (especially your core!) for more advanced yoga postures including inversions and arm balances. (20 mins.)


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    Sometimes yoga is just plain confusing. That’s why we created our “Strike a Pose” section featuring free online yoga videos designed to break down the nuts and bolts of each pose. If you haven't explored it, we highly suggest that you get on it! Because why not? It's free!

    This super useful collection of free yoga videos offers alignment tips, fiery sequences, secret yoga tricks, short meditation and breathing exercises, and even instruction for the crazy pretzel poses like these...

    crazy pretzel poses

    This section is conveniently divided into different areas of focus to help you easily find poses and sequences that you'd like to add into your growing yoga repertoire.


    • Arm Balances + Inversions.

      Learn to strike some of the more fancy moves of the practice. Go upside down. Fly. Be crazy.

    • Meditation + Pranayama.

      Need a splash of calm? Find tips for discovering ease in meditation, short guided meditations, and breathing exercises to dive deeper into your practice.

    • Backbends + Heart Openers.

      Discover adjustments to feel more freedom in these poses. Also, find some great chest, neck, and shoulder openers.

    • Core Work.

      Sick of old school sit-ups? Check out this awesome collection of core exercises to sculpt, strengthen, and feel the burn!

    • Seated + Reclining Poses.

      Enjoy some excellent stretches and nervous system soothers to dissolve any tension you're clinging to. Explore yin yoga postures, stretching sequences for athletes, Thai Yoga instruction, and more!

    • Restoratives.

      Restoratives are deeply relaxing, hugely necessary, and often neglected. Treat your body and mind to these lovely, rejuvenating postures to complement a more intense practice.

    • Yoga Sequences.

      Find yoga warm-ups, chair yoga movements, transition demos, Exhale Spa Core Fusion exercises, advanced sequences, and more to love!

    • Yoga for Men.

      Specifically designed for men, these yoga videos cater to the unique strengths, weaknesses, and challenges you dudes face in the practice.

    • Yoga Demos.

      What is Yoga? What is Meditation? What is Mindfulness? Discover the answers to these questions and more in this set of educative online yoga videos.

    Delve into this abundance of free yoga online to give rise to a more intelligent practice!

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  • Strike A Pose: A Quick Warm Up Sequence

    warm up

    This week’s free online yoga video is brought to you by Danielle Diamond, founder of Xen Strength Yoga. In this short online yoga practice, Danielle will teach you some simple yoga exercises to get you warm and ready for your practice at home or on-the-go.

    All of the movements instructed in this video are intended to warm up the spine, engage the core, and create more space in the body. Begin rippling through some cat/cow exercises (some personal favs), followed by another exercise designed to set your abdominal muscles on fire (in a love/hate sorta way).

    It's important to wake up the core and align the spine before you get your flow on. It prepares you for the practice by centering your body and mind and it creates more fluidity in your body before you dive into a full Vinyasa flow.

    It should be noted that the exercises shared in this online yoga video are awesome to explore even if you don’t intend to rock a full practice. This warm up is versatile and can be applied to other physical and/or non-yogic endeavors. Rock these exercises pre-gym sesh, pre-run, pre-climb, etc. Rock out this sequence in the morning to ignite your day. Also, turn to this sequence anytime you need to break for some mental and physical equalizing.

    You can bring these exercises with you wherever you go and practice them whatever the circumstance. Airport. Home. Hiking trail. Yoga studio. No matter. Use these movements to feel fired up and set to tackle whatever is coming up next.

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     Dig this yoga video with Danielle Diamond? Check out her growing collection of free yoga videos and full on flows at

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