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  • YogaVibes Partners with Black Dog Yoga

    We are incredibly pleased to showcase our growing library of online yoga classes filmed at Black Dog Yoga in Sherman Oaks, CA.

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    About Black Dog Yoga

    Black Dog Yoga was founded in 2002 to provide an inspiring, safe and unpretentious haven for yoga in the San Fernando Valley. Since its inception, Black Dog Yoga has prided itself in offering the highest-quality yoga in a clean, spacious, and inviting environment. Offering an eclectic mix of hatha yoga steered by a large roster of almost 40 extremely gifted and knowledgeable instructors, Black Dog Yoga has become the Valley’s premier yoga center.

    Why YogaVibes?

    "There are three reasons why Black Dog Yoga is partnering with YogaVibes. Our students. Our teachers. And us,” says Peter Barnett, the owner of Black Dog Yoga.  

    “We are in existence to serve our clientele. Our studio is always clean and bright and we have plenty of top quality props on hand. One thing we don't have is a way for our students to continue their practice with their favorite teacher or teachers when they can't get to the studio for any reason. Partnering with YogaVibes solves this problem!

    At Black Dog Yoga we pride ourselves in having great teachers teaching great classes. It seems because we're "over the hill" in the San Fernando Valley, our teachers aren't getting the recognition they deserve. Partnering with YogaVibes is the ideal way to get the great work of our awesome teachers out there for all to see.

    Black Dog Yoga is the largest, independently-owned yoga studio in Los Angeles. Our four airy practice rooms and retail area combined are a spacious 7,000 square feet and we offer more than 90 classes a week for students of all levels, in a variety of styles.

    We have a great reputation in town and now is the time for everybody to get to know what makes us truly one of LA's best yoga studios. We're all very excited to be partnering with YogaVibes and to be reaching out to a whole new audience."


    Get to know the studio and join Peter for his newest online yoga class, an abs and arm-balancing Vinyasa yoga flow. In this 35-minute online yoga sequence, Peter presents exercises that help to build the core strength necessary for arm balances and offers opportunities to practice a number of advanced arm balancing postures.

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    Please stay tuned for more hatha yoga online and good vibes with Peter Barnett and the Black Dog Yoga crew!


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