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  • Fresh Vibes: Yoga Basics!

    yoga poses

    Back to the basics!

    If you’re a beginner yogi, here are some starting points to kickoff your journey.

    If you're a seasoned yogi, here some basic flows to build even more strength and intelligence in your practice.

    • Ashtanga Yoga Basics with Joan Hyman Learn the fundamentals of the Ashtanga Yoga system in a slow, safe, and supportive way. Learn the Sun Salutations and the basic standing postures that open up the series. This is a basic Ashtanga Yoga video designed for all levels and anyone interested in Ashtanga. The sequence is taught up to the seated poses and then moves into bridge pose to warm up the shoulders for shoulder stand at the wall, preparing for a simple pranayama to close. Add this sequence to your home practice and take it with you wherever you go! (52 mins.)
    • Yoga Basics: Everyday Class with Darcy Lyon Filmed live at Yoga Tree, this online yoga video is perfect for a morning routine, mid-day refresher or end of day soother. Beginning from the floor, move through a variety of hip openers, standing poses, twists and gentle back-bends. This is a well-rounded practice accessible to all, including yoga newbies, older yogis, or those whose bodies are more stiff. (33 mins.)
    • Ashtanga Yoga Basics: Sun Salutations + Standing Postures with Kino MacGregor This is the perfect place to learn the basics of the Ashtanga Yoga method. The Sun Salutations and standing postures form the fundamental postures and practice of all Ashtanga Yoga students. Kino will lead you through the postures with a focus on healthy alignment and coordination of breath with movement. The Ashtanga Yoga practice is built on three points, known in Sanskrit as the Tristana method. The postures, the breath and the focal point give your mind and body a specific set of instructions to train the body and calm the mind. Use this online yoga practice to build up your Ashtanga Yoga Basics. Be prepared to sweat! (32 mins.)
    • Yoga for Men: Beginners with Joan Hyman This instruction-heavy beginner yoga video is designed for men, but anyone can benefit from this slow-moving, simple flow. Learn the basics, target the hips and shoulders, and gain greater understanding of the language of standing poses. End with light stretching to create balance in the body and mind. (59 mins.)
    • Sun Salutations for Beginners with Allyn Cioban Modified for the beginner, these dynamic movements linked with breath are the essential basics you'll need to know for just about every yoga practice. Master this sequence and you will be prepared to enter any studios' level 1 yoga class. This online yoga class also stands alone, rooted in the 5,000 year old traditions of yoga. You may choose to practice it at home for a wonderful daily dose of yoga asana and pranayama! (42 mins.)


  • Q&A with Kino MacGregor

    Kino MacGregor Yoga Online

    Q. Why Ashtanga Yoga? What makes this method of yoga so meaningful or transformational for you?

    A. Yoga has the power to transform your whole life. It is a lifelong journey into the inner space of the higher self within each person. Ashtanga Yoga is a traditional, lineage based practice that comes directly from India. I love the traditional nature of the practice because it allows me to surrender to something much bigger than any one person. I met Sri K. Pattabhi Jois when I was twenty-three years old and it changed everything I knew about myself. He represented the true potential of the human spirit and he taught a simple method of yoga that anyone can learn. I’ve devoted the last fourteen years of my life to studying Ashtanga Yoga in India and I now continue my studies with Guruji’s grandson, R. Sharath Jois.

    Q. What do you have to say to yogis that are scared and/or intimated by the intensity and discipline of Ashtanga Yoga? How should they approach the practice?

    A. Start with something really basic. Do not jump into a complete, fast paced practice. The way that my teacher would work with beginners was to start off with a very short easy practice of the Sun Salutations that takes between five and ten minutes to learn and practice. Many people dive head first into yoga and get overwhelmed with the intensity and the discipline. Beginners should just enjoy being beginners and take it easy, have fun and enjoy their practice. Don’t worry about doing it every day, start off with a modest goal of doing yoga three times a week, and then let yoga inspire you to do more.

    Q. Does boredom ever strike in your personal practice? If so, how do you keep on keepin' on?

    A. The journey in yoga is as infinite as the human spirit so there are always new depths and new experiences waiting through the vehicle of the practice. That being said, I’ve been through many periods of boredom where I felt like I was circling an endless plateau. What I’ve found is that periods of boredom - where it seems like you are making no progress or even sliding backwards - are actually periods of deep integration. Whatever I’m experiencing, I do my best to just give it space to be, so if I’m bored I just be aware that I’m bored and keep practicing.

    Q. What do you think are the benefits of a home/personal practice?

    A. Developing a personal home practice gives the student the chance to take full responsibility for their own inner journey. Going to class and spending time with a teacher is excellent, but when you can practice on your own in the quiet space of your mind you know that the practice has reached a new level of integration with your life. Once you are able to maintain a home practice you can be sure that yoga will never leave you.

    Q. What's the most important piece of advice that you have for beginner students? For all of your students?

    A. The key to the practice is integrating the practice into your daily life so that it is a ritual you would never be without. Just like brushing your teeth, it is something that you do regardless of whether you’re inspired or not. Don’t look for some fantastical experience. Just surrender yourself to the beauty of the practice. No matter if you’re young or old, beginner or advanced, let the practice of yoga be an integral part of your life.


    To practice yoga online with Kino, check out her newest Ashtanga yoga video, fitting for yogis new to the Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series. This is the perfect online yoga class for when you are ready to go a little deeper into the Ashtanga Yoga method, but do not consider yourself ready for a full-on Primary Series class. Kino talks you through the practice at a nice easy pace with lots of instructions and modifications as needed to make the Ashtanga Yoga practice accessible for all levels. Set in beautiful Amsterdam, the setting is perfect for developing a home practice. Start off with the Sun Salutations, continue with the Standing Postures, explore a few key Seated Postures, try out Backbends and end with basic Closing Postures. (63 mins.)

     beginner yoga video

  • Fresh Vibes: Core Strengtheners & Stress Relievers

    As always, we present...

    New yoga videos, new challenges, and new possibilities.

    Browse the new to see what aligns with your vibe!


    Got Core?

    Well, now ya do. online yoga collection

    Core Fusion® Barre Advanced (3) with Tammy Rowe (Exhale Spa): This fast-paced Core Fusion class is a nice challenge for students with Core Fusion or barre experience. Work from the inside out and achieve real results! (62 mins.)

    Core Fusion® Barre Open (7) with Fred DeVito (Exhale Spa): For washboard abs, a tighter and higher backside, and a perfectly toned body, get yourself some Core Fusion! Fusing the disciplines of core conditioning, PIlates, the Lotte Berk Method, and yoga, this highly acclaimed transformational fitness experience incorporates 50 years of collective teacher expertise. This class is open to all levels and no experience is required. (60 mins.)

    Core Strength Yoga - Lift Up and Jump Back with Kino MacGregor: Unlock the power and strength behind the magical lift ups and learn how to jump back and jump through in this technique driven Ashtanga yoga video. Use this as a complete strength practice and as an addition to an already established Ashtanga Yoga practice. Jumping back from a seated position is one of the most challenging movements in the Ashtanga Yoga method. In this class you will build strength in all the necessary muscles so that you will be strong enough to jump back and through. You will also understand the movement mechanics and break down the flowing movement into small, digestible segments. This class is also great if you're working on handstands because the jump back and jump through holds the key to powerful strength. (30 mins.)

    Wanna feel free? 

    The Eagle is in the Tree with Gwen Lawrence (Power Yoga for Sports): Enjoy a full-body activating online yoga class! Focus on the shoulder joint and its range of motion. Strengthen the legs and challenge your balance. Open your wings, build mental toughness, focus, and fly like an eagle...(65 mins.)

    Feelin’ blah?

    Here ya go.

    Focused Flow Yoga for Stress and Anxiety with Sigrid Matthews (Black Dog Yoga): Begin to experience a deeper sense of peace, comfort, and relaxation by tapping into your parasympathetic nervous system. This online yoga practice promotes well-being, overall health, healing, and boosts immunity. With regular practice you'll find it's easier to create "calm" off the mat. (22 mins.)

    Santosha - Heart Opening Yoga Flow with Dana Damara (Yoga Tree): Santosha means contentment. Begin to recognize the stillness of what is and allow your heart to open up to it. Love your past, create your future, but be in the moment with an open heart. This online yoga video features backbends, twists, and poses to open up the back of the heart - the most vulnerable part of the body. This flow is accessible for all levels of practitioners. (51 mins.)

    Enjoy the good vibes! 

    Image Credit: Eagle Pose (Garudasana) by Andrew Meyers

  • Yoga Made Plain and Simple

    “Manifest plainness, embrace simplicity…” ~Lao Tzu


    Featured below, are 3 yoga videos for beginners teaching and embracing simplicity.

    Though simple, these online yoga classes are not necessarily easy. They will, however, formulate the basics in a plain and simple, approachable, and beginner-friendly fashion.

    1. Simple Sun Salutes Join Justin Michael Williams for a breakdown of the foundational elements of the Sun Salutations (Surya Namaskar). Surya Namaskar A and B create the backbone of every Vinyasa based yoga practice, so learning these sequences will allow you to step into any yoga class with confidence. Justin will guide you through each pose slowly, followed by an integrated flow practice. Be ready to build up some heat and sweat it out. This is the perfect online yoga class for beginners or intermediate students who are ready to take their practices to the next level. (20 mins.)
    2. Detox Yoga: Simple Twists Dive into a twist series with Margaux Permutt to stimulate internal cleansing. This online yoga practice offers beginning to intermediate twist options sure to leave you feeling "wrung out" and refreshed. This practice emphasizes letting go of that which isn’t serving you, allowing new energy to replace stagnant, unproductive ways of being. (23 mins.)
    3. Ashtanga Made Simple Unlock the magic of Ashtanga Vinyasa in this Ashtanga yoga video exploring breath, bandhas and movement. In this practice, Michael Gannon helps make Ashtanga accessible to all students, including beginners. (65 mins.)

    Even if you aren’t a newbie to yoga, it's still beneficial to take it back to the basics. The more solid your foundation, the stronger your practice.

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