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  • Class Review: Cord Cutting Meditation with Ashley Turner

    The deets.

    Style: Meditation Length: 13 minutes Intensity: Level 1 = All-Levels, Beginner Yoga Video Focus: Letting go... Props: Meditation Cushion, Bolster or Block

    On the teacher.

    Ashley Turner is - hands down - awesome. Elevating personal growth as a lifestyle, she's considered an innovator in the yoga industry - combining yoga, modern psychology, neuroscience and kick-ass spirituality. Known for her charisma, candor, and accessibility, she elegantly weaves profound philosophy and practical life-changing tips into all of her online yoga offerings.

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    On the class.

    • Release toxic ties. Do you have toxic relationships, connections, dreams, fantasies, and/or attachments that are energetically consuming? Many of us, if not all, do. This online yoga class offers a meditation method to release ties with these people or things that are energetically exhausting.
    • Tap into your 3rd chakra center. The 3rd chakra is your energetic connection channel to people and things. When we are invested in people, we share energetic cords with them. When we are invested in toxic connections, it's vital to pull back on these cords, retrieving your energy. Learn to do that in this class!
    • Ward off energetic vampires. Energetic vampires pull on others' energy to feed them. These people are drama queens, manipulators, narcissists, etc. It's oftentimes easy to get caught in their toxic web. How do you know if you have an energetic vampire on your hands? Well, these people are taxing and exhausting. You may feel irritable and weary, because they (perhaps unconsciously) are triggering you. This meditation gives you a way to unplug from their toxic energetic field and establish energetic boundaries.
    • Use essential oils. Learn how to apply essential oils. Use the power of aroma to unwind and untangle beyond the thinking, logical mind.
    • Cut the cords...literally. In this online yoga class, you will invoke this person or thing. You will also call on your higher power or your own highest good to bring in positive, healing vibes. With that, you will create a hand mudra to slice these subtle, energetic lines you have connecting yourself to this person or thing. This is something you can practice again and again for each individual or entity pulling on your energy.
    • Learn your lesson. This person or thing was in your life for a reason. Thank them for teaching you that lesson. Then, in gratitude, release them:


    "I release you. I release myself. I release both of our spirits to move gratitude, I release you."

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  • Seeds of Intent: Live Creatively

    What exactly does it mean to live creatively? 


    Does it mean you take it into the woods Thoreau-style? Does it mean you take your self and practice to an ashram? Do you go off the grid? Do you quit your job to put your all into a business idea? Do you write a book? Do you travel? What do you do?

    Well, it could mean one of those things or a combo of those things or something entirely different. The thing is, you only know what it means for you to live creatively. I can't quite tell you what it means. No one can.

    To find that creative place, you gotta be brave and follow your gut. In yoga, we say that you gotta follow your intuition.

    But it could be that you don't really have a gut response going on at the moment. It could be that your intuitive body needs some fine-tuning - a little TLC if you will. If you haven't built up this intuitive body, journeying to that creative place won't flow so naturally. In fact, it won't really flow at all. That's where yoga comes in.

    To build intuition and fine-tune your internal compass, practice this creative, expansive Vinyasa flow with Ashley Turner to stretch your awareness and interior spaces to realize your fullest potential. In this online yoga class, focus on widening the physical and pranic body in every direction to take up more space and strengthen your aura. Also, explore the mantra "I AMPLIFY IN STILLNESS." (64 mins.)

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    Living creatively isn't cake wake. Only hard work will take you into the wilderness of your intuition. Once you get there, however, you won't be disappointed.

  • Fresh Vids + Vibes: Bedtime Yoga, Footsie Fun, and More!

    What’s the latest on YogaVibes?

    Running fanatic?

    yoga for runners

    • Yoga for Runners: Before, During and After with Sage Rountree // In this online yoga class for athletes and everyone, look at some simple yoga exercises to do before, during, and after a run or other workout. Enjoy a dynamic warm-up to get your glutes firing and lower legs ready to move; practice alignment and focus exercises to help you stay sharp during a workout; and explore longer holds of poses to stretch your quads, hip flexors, outer hips, inner thighs, and hamstrings after a run. (23 mins.)


    Footsie fun.

    foot exercses

    • Yoga for Ankles and Feet with Ashley Turner // This is a great online yoga class for opening up the feet and ankles, especially if you've had any injuries to these areas or have worn constricting shoes. Help to actively heal your feet and ankles by bringing more oxygen-rich blood to these areas and breaking up scar tissue. Work areas including the arch, achilles tendon, and inner and outer ankles in both seated and standing balancing poses. Warning: This is a restorative practice, although it may feel pretty intense at times! (24 mins.)
    • Playing with Balance: Vinyasa Flow with Rolf Gates // In this online yoga class, you will experience a well-rounded Vinyasa flow class. Rolf will guide you to explore the relationship between your feet and your heart as you practice a standing flow sequence that includes several standing balances, including eagle pose, dancer pose, half moon, and tree pose, just to name a few. Build core strength with a plank and side plank core series, which is followed by backbends, hip openers, and then a well-deserved savasana. (95 mins.)


    Time for lights out?

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    • Nighty Night with Sean Gray // Before you hit the sac, enjoy this series of basic poses designed to release stored energy in the body after a long day and calm the mind for some shut-eye. This mellow online yoga practice is good even if you've already practiced today, particularly if you are sore. It's the yogi "night cap." (20 mins.)


    Hammies hurtin?

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    • All About the Hammies! Exhale Spa Vinyasa Flow with Goldie Oren // Open up your hamstrings in this vinyasa flow! Begin your practice with a slow flow sequence that will gently open the backs of the legs, and then move through the same sequence one breath per movement. Hold several high lunges to strengthen the legs, while continuing to open up the hamstrings in between lunges. You'll practice 4 Sun Salutation As, emphasizing the length in the backs of the knees in downward facing dog each time, and then flow through 2 rounds of Sun Salutation Bs. Throughout the practice you will practice holding poses such as triangle pose (trikonasana), pyramid pose (parsvottanasana), and revolved triangle pose (parivrtta trikonasana) to deepen the stretch in the hamstrings. Close with lizard pose, pigeon pose, pachimottanasana and a long savasana. (61 mins.)

    Hit your mat to ring in the new vibes.

  • Fresh Vids + Vibes: Stand Strong, Crank Up the Intensity, and More!

    What’s the latest on YogaVibes?

    Sloooow the Flow.

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    • Harnessing Energy for Transformation Slow Flow with Cristi Christensen at Exhale Spa // Holding onto internal garbage? Harness your energy for personal transformation and cultivate awareness to help you shed light on what you need to let go. Start seated and prepare for a short meditation and breath of fire pranayama practice. Wake up the spine and generate heat with Sun Salutation variations, a side plank series, and core work. Enjoy lots of opportunities to open the shoulders and chest with binds. Explore a standing balance sequence complete with dancer pose and hanumanasana. Finish with reclining hip openers. (88 mins.)
    • Slow Flow Restorative with Alexa Lane // In this online Vinyasa flow you will warm up the body and move into a round of slower-paced Sun Salutations. This class focuses on floor and seated postures to open the hips, including gate pose, cow face pose, half pigeon, and bound angle pose. (26 mins.)


    That Time?


    • Yoga for your Menstrual Cycle with Ashley Turner // Bloated? Cramping? Irritable? Fatigued? Sounds like a bad case of the monthlies. This restorative online yoga sequence is designed to relieve menstrual cycle discomforts and promote hormonal balance.


    Stand Strong.


    • Warrior Flow with Tiffany Russo at Exhale Spa // In this SmartFLOW yoga class with Annie Carpenter's assistant, Tiffany Russo, you will warm up the body slowly with core work, a cat and cow series to lubricate the spine, and Sun Salutations (mostly at your own pace and on your own breath). A standing Warrior series is followed by some plank work and opportunities to practice handstands and crow pose (bakasana). Finish with bow pose variations, seated twists and forward folds. (78 mins.)


    Crank UP the Intensity.

    xen strength yoga videos

    • Xen Strength Yoga with Weights Core Balance Challenge with Danielle Diamond // This yoga with weights segment requires extra engagement of the obliques as you balance while stretching the side body. Balancing acts blended with cardio bursts will give you a solid kick in the butt. End on the floor with a longer cool down, including one eagle variation on a sit-up, savasana and pranayama. Use light hand weights or do it without! (25 mins.)

    Slow things down or speed things up. Stand strong or take it to the floor. Your practice. Your call.

  • Fresh Vids + Vibes: Recharge the Batteries, Go with the Flow, Stabilize and More!

    What are the latest offerings on YogaVibes?

    Go with the Flow.

    Heart Opener

    • Mix things up a bit! Join Michelle Johnson for a grounding Vinyasa flow class. Move through Sun Salutations, lunges, and standing split variations. Work into a headstand prep and headstand, and end with a few heart openers and hip openers. (60 mins.)


    Recharge the Batteries.

    Seated Meditation

    • Short on time? This online Vinyasa practice, led by Sean Gray, is the perfect lunch break yoga practice. Get in a full, well-rounded class. Invigorate the entire body, pump some freshly oxygenated blood through your veins, and clear your mind. Feel completely refreshed and recharged! (41 mins.)




    • In this slow flow, Vinyasa yoga class with Hala Khouri, you will begin by examining what needs to be witnessed in your own body and mind. Wake up the body slowly with reclining hip and hamstring openers and unique core work before stretching the hips and quadriceps without over-using the glutes. Practice a shoulder equalizer in dolphin pose and several standing sequences, a thigh or quad stretch that is practice three different times to allow you to go deeper each time, Sun Salutation variations, and balancing poses. Finish with opportunities for back bending in camel pose, hip openers, and cooling inversions before settling into savasana. Benefit from Hala's detailed alignment cues and focus on stabilization so that your yoga practice can be a life-long one. (84 mins.)
    • Focus on building strength in the trunk and lower body in this online Vinyasa practice with Alexa Lane. Filmed at Exhale Spa, this online yoga class includes Sun Salutations A and B, Warrior I and II, high lunges, hand-to-big-toe pose, and core strengthening exercises. Enjoy a seated cool down followed by savasana. (31 mins.)


    Surrender & Soften.

    childs pose

    • Join Ashley Turner for an online Vinyasa flow filmed at Exhale Spa. Start this class reclining with a simple pranayama practice to bring attention to your breath and body. This practice is all about trusting your spiritual nature, surrendering and softening. This level 1/2 class will focus on standing balances and work towards the basis of handstand with a strong standing flow that includes Sun Salutation variations, standing splits, Warrior II variations, Warrior III, and lots of opportunities to open the side body. Cool down with hero pose (virasana), a quad stretch, back bending in wheel or bridge pose, and several different seated forward folds. (90 mins.)


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