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  • 4 Key Actions of Inversions + Arm Balances

    Yesterday, I experienced an awesome YogaVibes home practice with Ashley Turner - a teacher with such great presence and energy. What’s more, her intelligent way of building this particular online yoga sequence led to some aha! moments in my personal practice. After all was said and done, I had developed greater intelligence and confidence in experimenting with the peak pose introduced: Pincha Mayurasana (Forearm Balance).

    arm balances and inversions

    But it doesn’t stop there.

    As you move into the more advanced inversions or arm balances, such as Pincha, there are a few finer points to consider - points that Ashley clearly introduces and reiterates throughout this strong, challenging Vinyasa yoga video.

    Ashley covers these 4 key actions in a step-by-step fashion, which I think is useful for both yoga teachers and students alike.

    1. Breath. First, attune to your breath. Make sure the breath is full. Slow down your breath to slow down your movements. Find more grace.
    2. Drishti. Second, steady, soften, and set your gaze like a laser beam. Find more focus.
    3. Uddiyana Bandha. Next, use your lower belly. Keep your core integrated by lifting the navel in and up. Find more buoyancy.
    4. Omniscience. Lastly, spread your attention in all directions. Work out the kinks by moving and extending in every direction. Keep all parts of the body alive. Find more expansion.

    Students, play with this 4-step sequence of key actions when approaching arm balances, inversions, or any pose really! Teachers, play with these step-by-step instructions when structuring and leading your own classes.

    Without these key elements in action, it's gonna be tough to work towards the asana big boys. So start practicing, start playing, and start internalizing.

    Start here in Ashley’s Power Hour - a shoulder-opening online yoga class. Flow to the peak pose of Pincha Mayurasana. Learn the art of the internal spiral. Learn to collect your core power and accurately align the shoulders in preparation for arm balances and inversions.


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  • Post Turkey Day Detox Flow

    chair twist detox pose

    We thoroughly hope you enjoyed all of your turkey, canned cranberry, stuffing, and mashed potato shenanigans yesterday.

    Once you awaken from your food coma (and before you dig into the leftovers), we'd like to suggest this damage-control flow - a turkey hangover curative if you will - led by the lovely Ashley Turner.

    In this newly added online yoga practice, you will embark upon a core detox, arm balancing journey. This invigorating online yoga class teaches you how a galvanized core lights up arm balances and sets a strong foundation for arm balancing poses. But first, start with a Kundalini Kriya to awaken tapas (the inner fire of purification). Follow with a strong standing flow of detoxifying twists and variations on core work, which creatively roll into arm balances. Note: There will be arm balancing variations for all levels featured in this online yoga video, so don’t shy away! (91 mins.)

    Ashley Turner yoga videos

    It might take a little self-coaxing today to get your body and mind on board. But trust me. You’ll feel much better, lighter, and energized after you twist out and sweat off that turkey hangover. Then, you can go ahead and gobble up those leftovers...

    And can run through this flow all over again tomorrow! Ohhhhhhh yeah. 

    Happy eating! Happy cleansing!

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  • Ab Work for Better Arm Balances

    If you haven’t noticed, arm balances tend to require a good deal of abdominal strength (and hence can be good postures for exercising the abs).

    If you’d like to aspire to those cool arm-balancing poses that you’ve probably seen on the cover of yoga magazines or on your Instagram feed, you'll need to learn how to use the power of your abdominal muscles (in combination with proper arm alignment) to effortlessly float up into poses like Eka Pada Koundinyasana, Bakasana, Eka Pada Bakasana, Astavakrasana, etc.

    arm balances

    To practice arm balances like these and more - in conjunction with core engagement exercises - tune into the following online yoga videos created to activate your abs in preparation for lift off!

    Core Detox: Arm Balance Flow with Ashley Turner

    Flow through an invigorating online yoga class and feel how a galvanized core lights up arm balances. Begin with a Kundalini Kriya to awaken tapas (inner fire of purification). Follow with a strong standing flow of twists and variations on core work, which creatively roll into arm balances (variations for all levels). (91 mins.)

    Core & Hip Work leading to Eka Pada Koundinyasana with Joan Hyman

    This energizing online yoga flow is perfect to start your day, igniting your core muscles and opening stuck energy in the hips. This practice is fun and creative with long deep holds to strengthen and release at the same time. After a standing pose sequence that includes balancing, you will move into the arm balance Eka Pada Koundinyasana before finishing with some sweet pigeon delight! (54 mins.)

    Abs and Arm Balances with Peter Barnett

    In this more instructional online yoga video, Peter presents exercises that will help you build abdominal core strength in preparation for practicing arm balances. Then, explore opportunities to practice a number of advanced arm balances and arm-balancing transitions. (34 mins.)

    Sure, maybe you won’t have the core strength today to realize some of the rather advanced arm balances presented in these yoga videos. But don’t shy away! Take them on anyways. Yeah, you may struggle, tremble, and fall, but who cares? Not you. Laugh it off. Then, try again. This is how you begin cultivating both your inner and outer strength. Piece by piece it will all come together.

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  • Fresh Vibes: Chakra, Core, and Hip Work

    This week’s online yoga menu showcases lots of variety per usual.

    Browse the freshness to see what sparks your fancy!

    arm balance

    To get aligned...

    Tune into Cristi Christensen’s Vinyasa slow flow. Start by opening up the spine with a restorative sequence. Warm up the body with a series of Sun Salutations and then move through a standing sequence that includes side angle, triangle, Warrior II, and half moon pose. There is an opportunity to practice forearm balance or pincha mayurasana before working on alignment in bridge or wheel pose. End with restorative poses and a lovely savasana. Enjoy live music provided by Richard Learmont ( (88 mins.)

    To learn a fancy pose...

    Join Joan Hyman for some core and hip work leading to Eka Pada Koundinyasana. Practice this energizing online yoga class to start your day, ignite your core muscles, and open stuck energy in the hips. This flow is fun and creative with long deep holds to strengthen and release at the same time. After a standing pose sequence that includes balancing, you will move into the peak pose - Eka Pada Koundinyasana - before finishing with some sweet pigeon delight! (54 mins.) Choose A Yoga Class

    For the aquaphile…

    Try Gigi Yogini’s new online yoga video, designed specifically for swimmers. Target the shoulders and core in this highly accessible beginner yoga video. Gain a competitive edge by taking care of over-worked areas and strengthening the core. Note: The full class is available FREE to all subscribers! (28 mins.)

    To turn up the heat...

    Tap into manipura chakra in Ashley Turner’s Vinyasa yoga video. Harness the energy of the manipura chakra in this strong practice. Take time to review and acknowledge past efforts and accomplishments and then turn your attention and focus to what you want to manifest in the future. Start building heat with rounds of Surya Namaskar A and B. Open the hips and inner groins with a wide-legged straddle sequence. Work on handstands at the wall with specific alignment cues and tips using a block. (89 mins.)

    Elevate Your Vibe!

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  • YogaVibes Partners with Black Dog Yoga

    We are incredibly pleased to showcase our growing library of online yoga classes filmed at Black Dog Yoga in Sherman Oaks, CA.

    LA yoga

    About Black Dog Yoga

    Black Dog Yoga was founded in 2002 to provide an inspiring, safe and unpretentious haven for yoga in the San Fernando Valley. Since its inception, Black Dog Yoga has prided itself in offering the highest-quality yoga in a clean, spacious, and inviting environment. Offering an eclectic mix of hatha yoga steered by a large roster of almost 40 extremely gifted and knowledgeable instructors, Black Dog Yoga has become the Valley’s premier yoga center.

    Why YogaVibes?

    "There are three reasons why Black Dog Yoga is partnering with YogaVibes. Our students. Our teachers. And us,” says Peter Barnett, the owner of Black Dog Yoga.  

    “We are in existence to serve our clientele. Our studio is always clean and bright and we have plenty of top quality props on hand. One thing we don't have is a way for our students to continue their practice with their favorite teacher or teachers when they can't get to the studio for any reason. Partnering with YogaVibes solves this problem!

    At Black Dog Yoga we pride ourselves in having great teachers teaching great classes. It seems because we're "over the hill" in the San Fernando Valley, our teachers aren't getting the recognition they deserve. Partnering with YogaVibes is the ideal way to get the great work of our awesome teachers out there for all to see.

    Black Dog Yoga is the largest, independently-owned yoga studio in Los Angeles. Our four airy practice rooms and retail area combined are a spacious 7,000 square feet and we offer more than 90 classes a week for students of all levels, in a variety of styles.

    We have a great reputation in town and now is the time for everybody to get to know what makes us truly one of LA's best yoga studios. We're all very excited to be partnering with YogaVibes and to be reaching out to a whole new audience."


    Get to know the studio and join Peter for his newest online yoga class, an abs and arm-balancing Vinyasa yoga flow. In this 35-minute online yoga sequence, Peter presents exercises that help to build the core strength necessary for arm balances and offers opportunities to practice a number of advanced arm balancing postures.

    hatha yoga online

    Please stay tuned for more hatha yoga online and good vibes with Peter Barnett and the Black Dog Yoga crew!


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