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Mountain Pose Tutorial for New Mamas

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It is so very important to find proper alignment in this foundational posture, Mountain Pose. When a postpartum mom cultivates a stable Mountain Pose on the yoga mat, she can bring that sense of stability into her movements off the mat. Join Jane Austin as she provides cue to finding proper alignment in this basic standing pose.
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Jane Austin

Yogini and mama, Jane Austin has been working with women and their families for over twenty years, as a prenatal and postnatal yoga teacher, a midwife, doula (labor assistant) and childbirth educator. She is the founder and director of Mama Tree, a yoga school dedicated to bringing yoga to mamas. It is her mission to help make yoga available to all mothers who wish to practice. Jane techies yoga to hundreds of moms a week in her hometown of San Francisco. But as any mama will tell you, sometimes it is just impossible to get to a yoga class. With this in mind she is so pleased to offer prenatal classes online with YogaVibes. It is with great enthusiasm and joy that she shares the benefit of yoga with moms everywhere! For more information about workshops and trainings, check out www.JaneAustinYoga.com.

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