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Downward Facing Dog Tutorial with Darcy Lyon

Yoga Class Description

Down dog is a pose you will do thousands of times in your yoga lifetime. This foundational pose strengthens the shoulders, opens the shoulders, hips and legs, and frees the spine. However, for those of us new to the practice, it can be quite challenging - a pose to work your way into slowly. This free 15 minute yoga video tutorial with Darcy Lyon will give you all the building blocks you need to understand and make your way there. Have a chair available.
Level: Beginner  

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Darcy Lyon

Darcy Lyon is a Teacher Trainer, Certified Anusara instructor and Expressive Arts therapist (intern) who sees private clients, teaches public classes and runs retreats, workshops and trainings nationally and internationally. Reflecting an exuberant playfulness and deep sense of purpose, her classes are built around principles of alignment which support body, mind and heart to live with deep strength, wisdom and ease. As a teacher, facilitator and therapist, her work also reflects a depth of understanding in psychological change and bridging of eastern and western wisdom traditions. In her private practice she works with clients weaving traditional talk therapy with the creative arts and mindfulness practices. Through her company Heartfire Healing Arts (, she has nourished transformation and creative healing for 14 years. Her collection of poems exploring the power of eros titled: The Wisdom of Desire can be found on her website or

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