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Core Fusion® Pretzel Position

Yoga Class Description

In this free yoga video, Core Fusion co-creators Fred DeVito and Elisabeth Halfpapp demo Pretzel Position. This Core Fusion workout will target the glutes, outer thighs and obliques (side core muscles). Filmed at Exhale Spa.
Level: Intermediate  

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Fred DeVito

A member of the founding exhale team and co-creator of the company's highly publicized Core Fusion® program, Fred DeVito is the executive vice president of mind body fitness programs. In this capacity he is responsible for recruiting and training the teachers for the proprietary Core Fusion related programs, directing the Core Fusion teacher training curriculum, program quality, and safety. Fred is also a nationally acclaimed star teacher and presenter. He has been featured in numerous national health and fitness publications and has made television appearances on several dozen national venues. Fred oversees the exhale nutrition and Thai Therapy programs and brings that expertise to his training and presentations.

About exhale...Since its inception in 2003, exhale has earned a position as the leading lifestyle brand in the spa and wellness space. Exhale offers unparalleled, transformational mind body programs within an inspiring yet relaxing spa setting. Continuously delivering best-in-class spa therapies and yoga and core fusion classes, exhale currently operates 19 properties and plans to grow its well-being paradigm in prestigious and philosophically aligned resorts, residential hotel developments and strategic partnerships.

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