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Arm Positioning in Downward Facing Dog

Yoga Class Description

Learn what your arms should be doing in downward facing dog, helping you to strengthen your shoulder girdle and open your upper back, preparing you for other challenging poses like inversions and urdhva dhanurasana (upward facing bow pose). Joan Hyman explores two different bodies in this online yoga video, one where the student's hands are cupped and she hyperextends her elbows, and another where the student internally rotates his arms, putting pressure in the shoulder heads, which could lead to shoulder impingement. Understanding how to externally rotate your arms in your downward dog will give you a feeling of openness and ease in your upper body. This yoga video is great for teachers and any other inspiring yogis!
Level: Intermediate  

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Joan Hyman

Joan Hyman is a traveling Los Angeles-based yoga teacher with over 20 years of teaching experience. She’s globally recognized, sought-after for her popular Vinyasa yoga classes, trainings, workshops and international retreats. With her background in dance and exercise science, combined with her wander-lusting spirit, Joan discovered the yoga path to be a culmination of everything she loves. Her style is intelligent, inspired and focused, complete with smooth sequencing and crystalline cueing. With Joan as your yoga guide, you can expect to cultivate more strength (physical and mental), confidence and intelligence in your personal home practice. For more on Joan: www.joanhyman.com

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