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Stretching the Side Body, Finding Freedom

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Yoga Class Description

In this online yoga class, you will explore lateral extensions to energize the body. Explore appreciation and freedom in the heart and mind. Have a block and blanket available for this practice, which was filmed live at Yoga Tree Hayes by Brenna Geehan. (56 mins.)

Level: 2 Style: ParaYoga® Yoga Focus: Slow Flow Yoga  

Suggested Yoga Props

block and blanket

Brenna Geehan

Brenna Geehan, ERYT, is a San Francisco-based Level II Certified ParaYoga® Instructor through Yogarupa Rod Stryker.  Brenna co-directs Sri Yoga™ Teacher Trainings with Jean Mazzei and travels nationally offering Yoga seminars.  Brenna has over 1,500 hrs of training and over 16 years of experience and specializes in prescribing transformative yoga practices with meditation that addresses her students personal needs. Brenna believes that we all have the right and capacity to realize a life brimming with joy, meaning and purpose. Brenna’s classes are known to meet every body type at any age uniquely.  Her Hatha Yoga Flow, with absolute attention to the breath, allows students to transform their bodies and their minds to be stronger and more flexible.  In each class, Brenna will consistently remind you to feel your whole body breathing, to practice each pose without judgement, and to love yourself.  Along with the techniques of intelligent sequencing, attention to postural alignment and breath, and use of bandha, visualization, mantra, and meditation - one taps into a much deeper well of power that teaches the body how to constantly digest stress so that it no longer clouds their happiness. Her yoga videos offer a Tantric-Vinyasa practice that encourages an "inner listening,” as well as mind-body transformation through the removal of mental, physical and emotional obstacles. She often weaves in pranayama and meditation techniques to promote greater balance and mental clarity. For more on Brenna: www.brennageehan.com and www.sriyogaretreats.com.

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