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Power Practice Series #3: Visvamitrasana

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Yoga Class Description

Ready to open your hips, free your back, and rock out in 35 minutes? In this strong practice you will break down how to twist and open up your hips with grounded action in the legs. The steady warming and building of power prepares you for Visvamitrasana, a pose that is a hip opener, arm balance, AND a twist. You will better understand how to get into this arm balance, get a dynamic work out and have fun along the way. This is a Level 2-3 class and make sure you have two blocks for this practice that was filmed live at Yoga Tree Hayes by Darcy Lyon. (40 mins.)

Level: 2 Focus: Arm Balancing + Inversions Yoga, Alignment-Based Flow Yoga, Hip Opening Yoga, Twisting Yoga  

Suggested Yoga Props

two blocks

Darcy Lyon

Darcy Lyon is San Francisco-based Anusara Yoga teacher and Expressive Arts therapist (intern). She teaches at Yoga Tree and also leads yoga retreats, workshops and trainings worldwide. Her style is playful and rich with purpose. For her, the focus is on establishing proper alignment to support the body and mind. Her online yoga classes are well-sequenced, well-directed and patiently-paced, often providing the perfect space for yoga beginners or injured students to work. For more on Darcy: www.heartfirearts.com.

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