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Yoga Basics Series Part 3: Core Strength

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Yoga Class Description

Awakening the strength in your core (front and back) is key to a healthy and sustainable yoga practice. Core strength helps support the entire spine, not only for yoga poses, but for a life filled with sitting in front of computers and driving in cars. This basic level, yoga for beginners, practice teaches the basics of awakening your core strength and is appropriate for beginners and those just getting started on abdominal work. Have two blocks and a blanket available for this online yoga class that was filmed by Abby Tucker at Yoga Tree Telegraph. (28 mins.)

Level: 1 Focus: Alignment-Based Flow Yoga, Beginner Yoga, Core Yoga  

Suggested Yoga Props

two blocks and a blanket

Abby Tucker

A devoted practitioner and student, Abby Tucker is known for her integrated, alignment-based yoga teachings, which combine all elements of the practice including asana, pranayama, meditation, mantra, mudra and mythology. Her instruction style is precise and incredibly educative. From strength and stamina-building practices, to workshop-style classes, to slow and empowered flows, she offers a wealth of online yoga instruction appropriate for all levels from the complete beginner to the seasoned student/teacher. Abby’s leading intention is to help her students uncover their personal wisdom and power. As a “teachers’ teacher,” her goal is to get her students to understand the practice so well that they will no longer need her as a teacher. For more on Abby: www.yogabohemian.com.

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