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Third Chakra Sparkle Flow

Teacher: Kat Schamens

This online yoga flow focuses on the third chakra, also known as the manipura chakra, which is an energy center located in the navel center. The color for this chakra is golden yellow. Often times when this chakra is imbalanced, blockages reveal themselves as anger, low self esteem, control issues, or difficulty in making decisions. Throughout this flow, you will work on building the heat internally to burn away the things that hold you back from being proactive in your life. Whether it be a habit, negative emotion, or thought, set your intention to clear the path and burn through what doesn't serve you. Once your chakra is balanced, you will feel a sense of confidence and uplifting power so that you can apply this self power to whatever it is in your life that you're working towards. Have two blocks and a blanket available for this class that was filmed by Kat Schamens at Yoga Vida. (67 mins.)

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