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Restorative Sequence: Karuna with Darcy Lyon

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Yoga Class Description

Karuna is cultivating self-compassion and the ability to receive. Prepare to be gently wrung out, opened and grounded through this 30 minute restorative sequence. An important (though often neglected) part of the yoga practice, restoratives are deeply healing and can soothe an agitated nervous system, calm the mind and nourish generative seeds of the heart. In this sequence we specifically work on the capacity to receive and offer ourselves compassion. Appropriate for all levels and those with medical limitations. You'll need two bolsters, a yoga block, and several blankets or towels. Filmed live at Yoga Tree Hayes. (32 mins.)

Level: All Levels Style: Restorative Yoga Focus: Beginner Yoga  

Suggested Yoga Props

block, several blankets, and two bolsters or pillows

Darcy Lyon

Darcy Lyon is San Francisco-based Anusara Yoga teacher and Expressive Arts therapist (intern). She teaches at Yoga Tree and also leads yoga retreats, workshops and trainings worldwide. Her style is playful and rich with purpose. For her, the focus is on establishing proper alignment to support the body and mind. Her online yoga classes are well-sequenced, well-directed and patiently-paced, often providing the perfect space for yoga beginners or injured students to work. For more on Darcy: www.heartfirearts.com.

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