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Grounding Flow with Rolf Gates

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Yoga Class Description

Join Rolf Gates for one of his signature 90-minutes mixed-level Vinyasa flow classes. Begin slowly with centering, followed by a slow warm-up. Practice proper standing alignment with a block sequence that will lengthen the side body while helping you ground into the earth. Build heat with a steady, challenging flow that includes Sun Salutation variations, a standing mandala-type flow and standing balance pose sequence. Finish with core work, backbends, and seated hip openers. Enjoy Rolf's teachings along the way. Have two blocks and a blanket available for this online yoga practice. (95 mins.)

Level: 2 Style: Vinyasa Flow Yoga Focus: Crazy Sweaty Flow Yoga  

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Rolf Gates

Rolf Gates, a highly acclaimed author and globally recognized yoga teacher, has quite the back story. He’s a former social worker and U.S. Airborne Ranger with an intensely devoted meditation practice going on 16 years! Gates' super clear and concise instruction, coupled with his eclectic background, creates a refreshing and deeply reflective Vinyasa Yoga experience that is incredibly accessible and appealing, even to those that are newly exploring the yoga practice. For more on Rolf: www.rolfgates.com

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