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Open Hips and Shoulders

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Yoga Class Description

This online yoga class works towards Gomukasana (Cow Faced Pose) and Buddha Parivrtta Parsvakonasana (Bound Revolved Side Angle Pose); however, you are in for more than opening your outer hips and shoulders. Stacey Rosenberg begins the class by discussing how yoga not only helps you find more strength and resilience in your body, but also in your life. Prepare to hold a few awkward shapes, move slow, and breathe through it, all in service of increasing your awareness and being present with what is. Have a blanket, blocks, and a strap available for this class that was filmed live at Yoga Tree Hayes. (62 mins.)

Level: 2 Focus: Alignment-Based Flow Yoga, Chest & Shoulder Opening Yoga, Hip Opening Yoga, Slow Flow Yoga  

Suggested Yoga Props

blocks, blanket, and a strap

Stacey Rosenberg

Stacey Rosenberg is an enthusiastic educator. She's passionate about empowering her students with transformational yoga tools to live more vibrant and healthy lives. Her teaching style is laid back, yet focused. Her yoga videos are abundant with clear and concise alignment cues and rich with modifications/variations so that all levels of students have a place to confidently and comfortably progress. Areas of focus on YogaVibes: Alignment-Based Yoga, Prenatal Yoga and Yoga for Beginners. For more on Stacey: www.namastacey.com.

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