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Focused Flow Yoga for Stress and Anxiety with Sigrid Matthews

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Yoga Class Description

Focused Flow Yoga for Stress and Anxiety helps you learn how to experience a deeper sense of peace, comfort, and relaxation by tapping into your parasympathetic nervous system. This online yoga practice promotes well-being, overall health, healing, and boosts immunity. With regular practice you'll find it's easier to create "calm" off the mat. Have a blanket and block available. (25 mins.)

Level: 1 Style: Restorative Yoga  

Suggested Yoga Props

block and blanket

Sigrid Matthews

Sigrid Matthews is the founder of Focused Flow Yoga® - a therapeutic approach to traditional asana designed to create a strong foundation of core support and joint stability. Sigrid’s teaching vibe is compassionate, light-hearted and down to earth. With her breadth of knowledge and experience in various health and wellness practices, Sigrid’s online yoga classes have a holistic approach, often integrating acupressure, Ayurveda, aromatherapy, Pranayama and creative visualization techniques. Her intention is to encourage personal transformation through mindful, accessible movement. For more on Sigrid: www.sigridmatthews.com.

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