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Observing the Subtle Body (33) - Pranayama and Meditation with Annie Carpenter

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Yoga Class Description

Enjoy an online pranayama and meditation practice with Annie Carpenter. She will guide you through a series of pranayama techniques, including Nadi Sodhana, to illumine the central channel of the body and leave you clear, open and awake. Feel, energetically, not only the breath, but the prana moving through your center, uniting everything and allowing you to come into the present moment. Challenge yourself to draw your attention to the soft, subtle sensation that is prana. Have several blankets and a block available so you can sit and rest comfortably. (58 mins.)

Level: 1 Style: Meditation + Pranayama Yoga  

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Annie Carpenter

Known as a "teachers' teacher," Annie Carpenter consistently inspires all of those who pursue the path of yoga through her all levels asana classes, workshops, retreats and teacher trainings. For her, the focus is on alignment. With a background in anatomy, kinesiology and dance, it’s no wonder she’s created a yoga style of discipline and body intelligence. Her SmartFLOW yoga classes are informed by the body's structure and evolution. Combined with her impeccable and creative sequencing, students can expect to deepen their asana awareness. With her playful spirit, Annie encourages her students to take a light, joyful exploration into the yoga practice and into themselves. For more on Annie: www.anniecarpenter.com.

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