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Affirmation Flow - I Have Perfect Balance

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Yoga Class Description

Take a journey into the mind and body partnership by combining two powerful practices: yoga and affirmations. Affirmation Flow "I have perfect balance in my life" begins with the inner inquiry, "What is balance to me?" and "Where do I have or desire more balance in my body; my mind; my breath; my life?" As you move through this online yoga practice, you will create the physical, mental and emotional balance you seek while stabilizing the pelvis and strengthening the deepest muscles of your core. Affirmation Flow is vinyasa slow flow with emphasis placed on alignment, breath, and affirmations. Expect longer holds targeting specific movement principles as a method for anchoring awareness in the present and building both mental and physical strength. Dig in deep, work hard, and explore what's possible in a nurturing, supportive and transformative environment. Have two blocks and a strap available. (36 mins.)

Level: 2 Style: Vinyasa Flow Yoga Focus: Core Yoga, Slow Flow Yoga  

Suggested Yoga Props

two blocks and a strap

Allyn Cioban

Allyn Cioban is a certified Vinyasa Yoga instructor and the creator of Affirmation Flow, a method of yoga infusing asana and the power of affirmation. Allyn has over 1000 hours of teaching experience. She’s known as a teacher who masterfully instructs the practice, rather than simply calling out poses. Her focus is on healthy body alignment, dynamic pranayama (breath control) and positive affirmations - all artfully blended into a meditative and healing flow. Her style is patient, clear and accessible, empowering her students to explore their mind, body and spirit at their own pace. For more on Allyn: www.allyncioban.com

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