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Yoga for Surfers with Ted McDonald

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Yoga Class Description

I don't think I've ever heard a surfer tell me their shoulders were flexible and healthy. This online yoga for surfers sequence will not only open your shoulders, but it will also create a more optimal spine alignment, allowing you to surf longer and more comfortably. Practice this yoga class a few times, feel the benefits of melting away tension, take a nice deep breath and book your next surf trip to Thailand! Have a strap, blankets or towels, and blocks available to make any necessary modifications. (22 mins.)

Level: 1 Style: Vinyasa Flow Yoga Focus: Athletes Yoga, Yoga for Men Yoga  

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Ted McDonald

Ted McDonald is a yoga teacher, fitness trainer, endurance athlete, entrepreneur, avid traveler and philanthropist. A former Elite Adventure Racer and a Lacrosse player at UCLA, he has been an athlete his entire life. He began teaching yoga and meditation over a decade ago and continues to compete in marathons and triathlons. Educated in both Iyengar and Ashtanga styles of yoga, he focuses his yoga sessions on strength, alignment and the breath, in order to help students increase their flexibility, strength and focus. He teaches many forms of meditation and a yin or restorative yoga class designed to lengthen connective tissue, prevent injuries and open energetic pathways in the body.

Ted is the founder of Adventure Yoga Retreats, a company that organizes premium travel adventures that enrich lives and inspire people to perform at their highest level. His versatility and knowledge allows him to successfully tailor his teaching and retreats to a diverse audience, including athletes, business professionals, yoga teachers, as well as beginning students.

He owns 5 Point Yoga, two premier yoga and fitness studios in Malibu, California. Ted co-created and is featured in Tony Horton's p90x:2 yoga sequence as well as being Tony's yoga "expert" for his one-on-one video series. He is a long time lululemon ambassador and is the designated yoga teacher for the Tour de France winning professional cycling BMC Racing Team. And most recently, Ted's Yoga bootcamp video series for ExerciseTV was released with great success.

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