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Yoga for Athletes with Thomas Taubman

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Yoga Class Description

This online yoga class begins with a short warm up and a few stabilization exercises, followed by a flow of dynamic and athletic postures while utilizing your favorite sports object. This unique sequence is designed to move all the joints of the body in three planes of motion, which will increase your strength, flexibility, and balance. So, if you are looking for a yoga class that will get your heart rate moving and grooving, then this is for you! By the end of practice you will be ready for the game, on and off the court. Give it a try and score big with this class! Have three blocks or books and a ball (basketball, soccer ball, volleyball, etc.) available. (47 mins.)

Level: 2 Style: Vinyasa Flow Yoga Focus: Athletes Yoga, Crazy Sweaty Flow Yoga, Yoga for Men Yoga  

Suggested Yoga Props

three blocks or books and a ball (basketball, soccer ball, volleyball, etc.)

Thomas Taubman

Thomas Taubman's experience with athletics, dancing, boxing and yoga training, combined with this extensive knowledge of anatomy and kinesiology makes him a highly qualified instructor. He has been part of the Yoga Works Teacher Training team for the past 10 years. Thomas has a great sense of humor and knows how to create an environment that is challenging and joyful. He has studied with some of the most innovative teachers, including Maty Ezraty, Lisa Walford, and Annie Carpenter. Outside of the yoga world, he has learned from world renowned physical therapist's and bio-mechanists Gary Gray, Stuart Mcgill and Gray Cook, to name a few.

Renowned Sports doctor, Brendan Murray, and Thomas have teamed up to create "RefindYoga." This system combines traditional yoga practice with unique sequencing, sound adjustments and refined instructions. Through this improved awareness, the practitioner learns how to better stabilize and align their joints to create a whole new level of strength and length. What's great about this, is it allows students to explore the most most basic to advanced postures in a new way. "RefindYoga" has been used in clinics, yoga studios, workshops and with athletes, including the men's Long Horns basketball team in Texas, with great success! Recently, Thomas was featured in "Yoga Life Magazine" in Dubai while teaching. Yoga is a celebration. So empower yourself with movement, meditation and integration of the body, mind and spirit. Let the games or practice begin! Thomas looks forward to seeing you in class or online. During his off time he can be seen playing with his family in his yard! To learn more about Thomas, please visit his website www.ThomasTaubmanyoga.com.

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