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Natarajasana King Dancer's Pose Flow with Joan Hyman

Teacher: Joan Hyman

Nat refers to dance, and raja is the word for lord or king. Nataraja is Shiva the Lord of Dance, symbolizing the cosmic dance of creation. Natarajasana is the king dancer pose that opens the front body while strengthening the standing leg and engaging the lower abdominals at the same time. This standing backbend builds focus and confidence and Joan breaks it down, teaching component parts like opening the shoulder girdle and the hip flexors, along with teaching how to engage the pelvic floor. This is an energizing practice, including handstand variations and twists that leave you feeling grounded and open at the same time! We begin on two blocks opening the thoracic with breath awareness and a strap is needed at the end. Enjoy the flow and find your dance within! This is a Level 2/3 online yoga flow. (62 mins.)

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