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Come Home to Your Own Wholeness

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Yoga Class Description

This online yoga class explains and explores the use of Muscular Energy - the second of the 5 Anusara principles of alignment. Muscular energy helps us integrate, creating safe, strong poses and giving us the power to activate the rest of the alignment. Olynda teaches how to activate muscular energy and we practice this refinement of alignment in sun salutations, a strong standing pose sequence, some fun arm balances and a few backbends. We all have times when we need to draw deep within to center ourselves, to discover more about who we are, and to remember our wholeness. This practice is designed to help us draw in and come home to own our wholeness. (84 mins.)

Level: 2 Style: Anusara Yoga Focus: Alignment-Based Flow Yoga, Arm Balancing + Inversions Yoga, Hip Opening Yoga  

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Olynda Smith

Olynda Smith's fluid teaching style blends life-affirming Tantric philosophy, precise physical alignment, and playfulness to encourage a deepening of self-awareness, a deeper connection to the heart and an ability to move beyond perceived limitations. Olynda creates a nurturing and empowering space in which you are invited to discover and celebrate your strength, wisdom and beauty. After many years of studying dance and capoeira, Olynda came to yoga and fell in love! She is currently an Anusara Yoga certified teacher, with 9 years of yoga teaching experience. Olynda has over 750 hours of teacher training. She completed her Teacher Trainings and Therapeutic Yoga trainings with John Friend. After years of living in New York City and Maui, Olynda has happily settled in Durham, North Carolina.

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