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Quick Kapha Focused® Flow to Improve Mood with Sigrid Matthews

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Yoga Class Description

This short online yoga flow sequence is designed to boost your mood and get your blood pumping. A straight forward practice with specific breathing techniques, mudra, and chanting to fire up your confidence and willpower energy centers. Use this practice to overcome the doldrums, raise energy, and combat weight gain and sluggishness! (18 mins.)

Level: 2 Style: Vinyasa Flow Yoga Focus: Ayurveda Yoga  

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Sigrid Matthews

Sigrid Matthews is the founder of Focused Flow Yoga® - a therapeutic approach to traditional asana designed to create a strong foundation of core support and joint stability. Sigrid’s teaching vibe is compassionate, light-hearted and down to earth. With her breadth of knowledge and experience in various health and wellness practices, Sigrid’s online yoga classes have a holistic approach, often integrating acupressure, Ayurveda, aromatherapy, Pranayama and creative visualization techniques. Her intention is to encourage personal transformation through mindful, accessible movement. For more on Sigrid: www.sigridmatthews.com.

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