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I.AM.YOU. Flexibility & Strength (Spanish)

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Yoga Class Description

La rigidez en las caderas, las piernas y los lumbares puede ser incomodo y hasta doloroso, pero realmente no tiene por que ser asi! En esta magistral clase, I.AM.YOU te ayuda a soltar, estirar y relajar los musculos de estas zonas del cuerpo que sufren de las rutinas diarias incluidas las largas horas que pasamos sentados delante del ordenador y practicando otros deportes. (42 mins.)

Level: 2 Style: Vinyasa Flow Yoga Focus: Hip Opening Yoga  

Suggested Yoga Props

block and blanket

Lauren Imparato

Lauren Imparato, a yoga teacher and certified Holistic Health Coach, is the founder of I.AM.YOU. Studio - a widely-recognized lifestyle brand and yoga studio located in Manhattan's SOHO. Revered as one of New York's Top Yoga and Lifestyle experts, Lauren shares her cutting-edge approach to fitness, wellness, nutrition and yoga through her global classes, seminars and trainings, as well as through her regular columns and daily blog. Her I.AM.YOU. yoga classes online pack a punch - all in under one hour! Prepare to work up a sweat in a perfectly blended practice of strength and flexibility work. You’ll feel renewed from the inside out. For more on Lauren: www.iamyoustudio.com.

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