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Maha Shakti II (Beginner through Advanced Intermediate)

Teacher: Sri Dharma Mittra

A second example of the classic Dharma Yoga Maha Shakti All Levels practice. Although Sri Dharma Mittra has been leading yoga classes since 1967, each practice comes with unique variations. He uses Divine intuition to guide him to give exactly what each student needs. This is a Mixed Level Dharma Yoga practice created by Sri Dharma Mittra. Maha Shakti is primarily asana (yoga postures), but what's on offer here represents a complete practice including both guided Deep Healing Relaxation (7 minutes) and a final meditation (3 minutes). This program is an excellent introduction for those new to Dharma Yoga and the powerful teaching of Sri Dharma Mittra and it will make those that miss spending time with him at the New York Center feel very much at home. Overall, a well-rounded and complete yoga practice. "Energize the mind and body with yoga," says Sri Dharma Mittra. (45 mins.)

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