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Deep Flow

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Yoga Class Description

This deep flow online yoga class will focus on hip and shoulder opening to work into some pretty deep and advanced postures, including forearm balance. The emphasis will be on making sure to create more space and not to create any tension while working on these more advanced poses. Have a block and blanket available. (66 mins.)

Level: 3 Style: Vinyasa Flow Yoga Focus: Arm Balancing + Inversions Yoga, Chest & Shoulder Opening Yoga, Hip Opening Yoga  

Suggested Yoga Props

block and blanket

Lindsay Hilscher

Lindsay Hilscher uses the intricate study of kinetics to develop an ultra sense of awareness, mindfulness and grace. Based in New York City, she teaches through Yoga, heals through Reiki and leads retreats internationally. She has led teacher trainings as well as seen several students through their mentorship program at her home studio Yoga Vida in NYC. Lindsay has developed popularity for her dynamic and creative vinyasa sequencing, which she teaches from a deeply rooted understanding of physicality.

Lindsay has studied movement since the age of four through classical dance techniques. While pursuing a professional dance career Lindsay began exploring the energetic and subtle body. The depth in polarity between grace and grounding guided Lindsay seamlessly from her path as a performer to a career as a yoga teacher. Lindsay has a daily Ashtanga yoga practice where she studied with Eddie Stern at The Broome St. Ganesha Temple. She holds a BFA in Dance Performance from SUNY Purchase College, a two hundred hour certification from Yoga Vida and a Level Two Reiki certification.

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