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Straight to the Core with Joan Hyman

Teacher: Joan Hyman

Dive right into your "core" muscles with this 30 minute sequence that targets specific muscles deep in our trunk that make up our core. There are no sit ups or sun salutes and we start on our back, finding the deepest muscles in our lower belly that help wake up our pelvic floor. Core muscles are not the "six pack" and these deep muscles work on all sides of the torso to support our spine and leave us feeling energized and centered. In this online yoga class, you will wake up these deep muscles with twisting, leg lifts, lots of planks and salabhasana poses that can be a great preparation for any type of yoga practice including inversions, backbends, twisting, and arm balances OR you can use this as part of your exercise routine, leaving you feeling light and centered for the whole day! All levels welcome. A strap or belt is needed. (34 mins.)

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