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Childbirth Preparation Yoga with Jane Austin

Teacher: Jane Austin

Yoga can be a very helpful tool to aid body and mind in preparation for childbirth. This prenatal yoga sequence is designed to strengthen as well as open the body, preparing for the very physical act of labor and birth. However, it is equally important to prepare the mind. Yoga uses postures and conscious breath techniques to soothe and clam the mental chatter that can sometimes create stress and tension as birth approaches. This birth prep online yoga practice provides a space for a woman to drop deep inside of herself, to listen to her body and begin to cultivate trust in her innate ability to birth her baby. The practice gives a woman the opportunity to connect to herself and the baby inside of her. Yoga is uniquely suited to support both mother and babe through the awesome transformation of birth. Regardless of a baby's route of entry, the techniques and practices of this prenatal yoga class can help a woman stay present and linked to her babe as the baby moves through her and into her arms. Filmed live at Yoga Tree. Have a bolster, blanket and block available. (72 mins.)

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