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Yoga Basics Series Part 2: Basic Backbends

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Yoga Class Description

This 30-minute online yoga for beginners class focuses on backbends for the basic level practice or for strengthening the back therapeutically. Before practicing big heart-opening backbends, it's important for students to strengthen the back using bio-mechanic alignment actions applied to basic backbending poses such as sphinx, cobra, and locust. This class, part of a 4-part Basics Series for Beginners taught by Abby Tucker, can be safely practiced on its own, or added to the Basic Standing Poses class. Have a blanket and strap available. (35 mins.)

Level: 1 Focus: Alignment-Based Flow Yoga, Backbending Yoga, Chest & Shoulder Opening Yoga, Beginner Yoga  

Suggested Yoga Props

blanket and strap

Abby Tucker

A devoted practitioner and student, Abby Tucker is known for her integrated, alignment-based yoga teachings, which combine all elements of the practice including asana, pranayama, meditation, mantra, mudra and mythology. Her instruction style is precise and incredibly educative. From strength and stamina-building practices, to workshop-style classes, to slow and empowered flows, she offers a wealth of online yoga instruction appropriate for all levels from the complete beginner to the seasoned student/teacher. Abby’s leading intention is to help her students uncover their personal wisdom and power. As a “teachers’ teacher,” her goal is to get her students to understand the practice so well that they will no longer need her as a teacher. For more on Abby: www.yogabohemian.com.

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