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Tadasana is the Template for Every Pose - Yoga Lab Level 1, Class 1

Teacher: Sarah Faircloth

Welcome to a series that will take you through the basics of the level 1 syllabus of the Anusara Yoga style. You will be guided step by step through the full range of some of the most basic poses of yoga asana. Whether you are new to yoga or in need of refreshing your practice with the basics, this is a great series for you! The entire series is broken into 8 classes, each around 50 minutes.

Class 1: In this online yoga class, we will practice stepping through thresholds. The powerful energy of those in between times when we are at a threshold is the way we will approach this series. Do not worry so much about whether you "get" the pose. Rather think of each phase of the pose as a threshold. Keep practicing with self reflection and you will progress, and reach another threshold. Taada means mountain. Another name for tadasana is sama sthitihi (meaning equal or same standing). Keep coming back to tadasana. The breath is the thread of the practice. String all the poses along the breath while maintaining your tadasana in each pose. (55 mins.)

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