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Energy-Boosting Postnatal Yoga Sequence

Teacher: Jane Austin

This postnatal yoga video is designed for new moms, fully recovered from childbirth (4-6 weeks post-vaginal birth or 8 weeks post-cesarean birth). Complete with modified Sun Salutes and basic standing poses and balances, this moderately paced mini-practice will give you a quick dose of energy, whenever it is needed. To round out your practice, you'll explore modified or full Ustrasana (Camel Pose) to release any tension that's accumulated in your shoulders and upper back. End with a short and supported Savasana to marinate in the nourishing effects of this practice. Note: Though rich with modifications, some yoga experience is recommended for this class. Have a yoga block, bolster, and blanket available for this practice filmed live at Yoga Tree with Jane Austin. (28 mins.)

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