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Forrest Yoga - Pleasure of Strength (DVD)

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Yoga Class Description

Set your intention for the day both on and off the mat by cultivating pleasure, delight and strength in this heat-building class. Includes pranayama, abdominal work, Sun Salutations and challenging apex poses. Forrest provides modifications of many poses. For intermediate and athletic beginning yoga students. Please be sure to check out the free vignette entitled "Forrest Yoga Basic Moves" before taking this online yoga class. (59 mins.)

Level: 2  

Suggested Yoga Props

Ana Forrest

Ana Forrest is an internationally recognized pioneer in yoga and emotional healing. She’s the creator of Forrest Yoga - a method of practice that guides students to truth, wholeness and health through breath and movement. Influenced by Native American medicine and ceremony, homeopathy, hands-on healing, martial arts, psychotherapy and regression therapy, Ana is a true healer. Her teachings help to mend the mind-body from current living stresses. Plus, no one gives cues like Ana Forrest! Her delivery is spot on, direct, no-nonsense, compassionate and clear. Her vibrant teaching vibe will emblazon your body and bring more soulful intelligence to your asana practice. For more on Ana and Forrest Yoga: www.forrestyoga.com.

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