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"Love this class! Perfect way to unwind after a long day. The counting meditation at the end really helps me shut my mind off and fall right asleep when done. So many classes that are for PM are slow and restorative, it's nice to have a class for people like me - who need to move and get out my last bit of physical and mental energy at the end of the day."

Katey H

"Excellent, excellent workout. This is absolutely almost a full hour of cardio with lots of running planks and light weight arm work. All of it was easy to learn and follow. I loved that it was fast paced but doable. Loved all the running planks. The abdominal work was short but intense. The only thing I wish was that it had a little more stretching at the end but I just did the normal Exhale cool down that is done in class. Nicole is such a great instructor and I will definitely be tagging this as one of my favorites!!"

Marina D

"Wonderful class! I feel so refreshed and focused now..."

Jenny S