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"Very nice! Love the combination of ayurvedic and kundalini principles!!!"

donna t

"Very peppy. Could have cued a little more on some positions, but love the variety and could really feel it along my whole body. Thanks for a great workout!"

Molly C

"Alignment, alignment, alignment! Did I say alignment? Sara cues with the ease of water lapping inward and receding back into the ocean. Nice to hear a familiar voice and see some familiar faces (hi Sara, Keith and Vron!), only thing missing is some of Sara's amazing music accompaniment. I had this playing and it fit perfectly (also from one of Sara's classes): http://www.mixcloud.com/djc/prana-pushers/ Sara has a divine sense of yoga - which comes both from the inside and her intense devotion to the practice/teaching and it oozes out in her classes. One really assumes the role of a student (and it feels so good)"

Aubrey R