Explore Non-Dual Tantra Philosophy with Professor Bill Mahony in

his "The Heart of Recognition" Video Series.

Online Yoga and Core Fusion Classes from exhale mind body spa

Online Yoga and Core Fusion Classes from exhale mind body spa

See what everyone is buzzing about! Exhale’s award-winning series of classes challenge you physically and mentally every time you enter the studio (or turn on the video!). All of our yoga and Core Fusion classes are exclusive to exhale, and all work in tandem with one another to give you the most well-rounded, balancing fitness routine imaginable.

Use YogaVibes to explore Core Fusion, the original barre class, developed to provide a safe yet challenging workout for fitness newbies and athletes alike. Mixing heart-rate-raising arm, ab, glute, and leg work with intervals of stretching and strengthening, the method makes for the perfect body altering experience. Then sample exhale’s yoga program, designed to build flexibility, endurance and strength for new and advanced yogis alike. Filmed out of the renowned exhale Venice Center for Sacred Movement, these videos blend meditation and breath with just the right amount of flow.

Core Fusion® Barre Open (7) with Fred DeVito

Fusing the disciplines of core conditioning, PIlat…

Core Fusion® Cardio Express (1) with Tammy Rowe

Sweat it out in this barre-less, fat-blasting card…

Back-body Focused Calming Flow: SmartFLOW Level 2 Sequence

In this online SmartFLOW yoga class with Tiffany R…

Honoring Your Truth - Slow Flow Yoga with Hala Khouri

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