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Sean Guinan

Sean Guinan is a dynamic yoga teacher, top-notch pediatric acupuncturist, and holistic living extraordinaire. Emerging on the yoga scene as a medical professional, devoted husband, and father of three children, he gives voice to the need for balance and sustainability within the practice of yoga. Teaching a fiery vinyasa flow that draws attention to the bends and twists of life, he likewise commands the room within the cool, contemplative spaciousness of yin yoga. Blending yogic wisdom, Chinese Medicine philosophy, and modern mindfulness tools, his classes, workshops, and retreats are a call to reflection, inspiration, and action in the world.

Sean has been working in the healthy and wellness industry since 2009, and has had the great pleasure of training with renowned teachers like Rolf Gates, Sarah Powers, Heidi Sormaz, Josh Summers, and Janet Stone, to name a few. He has worked as a teacher mentor and coach for the Rolf Gates online teacher training program, and has assisted and led national and international intensives and retreats. Sean is also the Co-owner and Director of Pleasure Point Yoga, a community-based yoga studio in Santa Cruz, CA. When he's not on the mat, he's helping families heal naturally as both a wellness coach and board licensed acupuncturist and herbalist. Learn more about Sean by visiting www.pleasurepointyoga.com.

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