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Jodi Carey

Jodi Carey's life has been immersed in the mind-body field since a very early age beginning with her journey of dance. Shortly after her first year of college, she was offered the opportunity to dance professionally with a theatrical company that hit Broadway and abroad. Her deep passion for movement and fascination with body mechanics led her to yoga, pilates, and various healing arts. Originally from New York City, she received her yoga certification there in 2001 at Integral Yoga. Since then, she has taught full-time while continuing her studies with various master teachers, including certifications in pilates and holistic health counseling. She brings her experience teaching in the field of trauma and healing, which has transformed her ideas about what is possible when the mind-body relationship is strengthened. She is dedicated to learning and living a life of balance, and is so grateful to be sharing this journey with others for a living!

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