The Yoga-When-You-Travel Guide

Planning a big trip?

Don't forget to factor yoga into your itinerary to counter the stress and stimulation of travel.

To help you remain grounded, balanced and calm amidst your foreign surroundings, here's 10 simple yoga-inspired tips to bring along.

  1. Let go of expectations.
    Don't get bent out of shape when things don't go to plan. Traveling requires mental flexibility and surrender. When you find yourself resisting the flow, try some mantra meditation. Simply inhale and silently say to yourself let. Exhale, and silently say go. Put on repeat until the anxiety and stress begins to dissolve.

  2. Yoga on demand.  
    Going out of your way to find a good yoga studio may be more trouble than it's worth - especially if your travel time is short. YogaVibes is your best-ever, yoga-when-you-travel solution.

  3. Buy a travel mat.
    We highly recommend the super compact and light YOGO Mat. 

  4. Read a yoga-inspired book.
    Re-kindle your love for the practice with an inspiring read.

  5. Breathe.
    Breathe to keep your cool. Really emphasize your exhalations - the calming component of the breath. Try: Double Breathe Ratio Technique for Relaxation.

  6. Practice daily, but keep it simple.
    Commit to a simple, manageable daily practice. The Sun Salutations are a great morning yoga routine and are even considered a complete practice when followed up with Savasana (Corpse Pose). If you need something less stimulating, try some restorative stretching.

  7. Move.
    Sitting, slouching and stagnation are the unfortunate consequences of prolonged travel. Don't let chair confinement stop you from moving. Practice a Chair Yoga sequence to keep your blood circulating (especially important in-flight).

  8. Meditate or be still. 
    Take 10 minutes once or twice per day to tune out to tune in. Meditate. Hold a yin pose. Breathe consciously. Do something to down regulate.

  9. Take a yoga selfie. 
    Get creative with asana in new places.

  10. Repeat good vibes.
    Repeat affirmations or mantra to yourself when you're feeling anxious, stressed or nervous. Examples: I am safe; Breathe; I enjoy the freedom of traveling; I am calm; I have confidence in all transportation modes that carry me; I release all fear of flying and embrace the freedom of travel; I feel secure.

Once you've reached your final destination or have returned home, here's two yoga videos to help you re-ground.

  • Get Grounded with Joan Hyman (51 mins.)
    Post-travel, this standing pose sequence will help to stretch out your legs and get you grounded in your feet. Open to all levels, this online yoga practice ends with a restorative yoga set to help reset you in body and mind.

  • Meditation: Getting Grounded with Jeanne Heileman (26 mins.)
    Feeling nervous or inexplicably off? Here, you'll get settled so you can step off the mat feeling more emotionally solid.

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