10 Tips to Keep Yoga-ing While Traveling

I’m enjoying a sweet European sojourn as we speak! In preparation for my travels, I scoped out all the best eats, bars, coffee shops, and local hot spots. That’s to be expected. What’s a vacation without a bit of material splurging? To counteract all the abundance coming my way, I packed light, carrying only what I absolutely needed. Yes, that included a travel yoga mat. Yes, that included yoga clothes. Yes, that included a not-so-light laptop to access all of the yoga online awesomeness that YogaVibes has to offer. Yes, yoga is clearly a big priority.

I’m not one to fly by the seat of my pants. I like travel plans. A schedule is comforting and, also, a sure way of seeing much and doing much. Yet, in traveling, you must be willing to go with the flow to some extent. Nothing runs exactly to plan. All you can do is plan for the best and have faith that things will unfold as the universe deems fit.

As a student of yoga, you should plan to incorporate a bit of yoga into your travel experience. The practice is especially beneficial to you now, helping you to remain grounded, balanced, and calm amidst your foreign surroundings and external stimulants.

Here are some tips to keep your yoga practice in motion while you’re seeing and experiencing more of this big and beautiful world!

  1. Let go of expectations. Something is bound to throw you for a loop at some point in your travels, such as missing a connecting flight, getting lost, language/communication confusions, and even illness. You can complain all you want. You can let it get to you. Or you can just sit back, surrender, and go with the flow. During moments of madness, practice some mantra meditation. Inhale and silently say to yourself “let.” Exhale and silently say to yourself “go.” Repeat until the craziness begins to dissolve.

  2. Bring yoga with you. Trying to locate a temporary yoga studio may present too much of a hassle, especially if your travel time is short. The solution? Practice yoga online. What better way to do so than with YogaVibes?!

  3. Travel with a light mat. Invest in a manageable travel companion.

  4. Read a yoga-inspired book. What’s a book you’ve always wanted to read, but haven’t had time to explore? Bring it!!

  5. Breathe. When you stop breathing, you stop acting with awareness. Keep breathing to keep your cool. Do a calming pranayama session.

  6. Create a simple practice schedule. It can be as simple as doing 10 Sun Salutation A’s per day, holding Down Dog for 5 minutes, holding a Yin posture for 5 minutes, or practicing a 5 minute meditation or pranayama exercise. Just mix some yoga into each day in a way that works for you.

  7. Move. When we travel, we tend to sit (and slouch) a lot. Don't let chair confinement stop you from moving around and circulating energy throughout the body. Explore these free online yoga videos featuring chair yoga sequences.

  8. Meditate. Grab your laptop or mobile tablet, plug in your headphones, close your eyes, and enjoy a short online mediation. Momentarily escape from all the hustle and bustle surrounding you. Discover peace in the chaos.

  9. Photo shoot. Snap some sweet photos of you and your travel buddies practicing some asana.

  10. Think & create positive vibes. Repeat affirmations or mantra to yourself while flying, train traveling, site seeing, walking around, etc. - especially when anxiety arrives. Some good ones:

    • I am safe.

    • Breathe.

    • I enjoy the freedom of traveling.

    • I am calm.

    • I have confidence in all transportation modes that carry me. 

    • I release all fear of flying and embrace the freedom of travel.

    • I feel secure.

Once you've reached your final destination (or return home), get grounded in one of two awesome online yoga videos:

Get Grounded with Joan Hyman (51 mins.)

This standing pose sequence is great for travelers who need to stretch out their legs and get grounded in their feet. A block is needed for this online yoga class and open to all levels to wring out the body and mind, leading to a restorative sequence at the end to replenish and restore.

Meditation: Getting Grounded with Jeanne Heileman (26 mins.)

This online meditation gets you grounded in body and mind. It draws out negativity from areas of your body, mind, and emotions, and releases it in a safe manner. You are left feeling stable and solid. This is a great online yoga class to do in troubling times. Enjoy as a stand-alone practice or as a follow-up to Jeanne's "Hip Openers for Everyone" class.

How do you keep your practice in motion during your travels? 


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