11 Ways to Achieve Harmony During the Holidays

Is it the most wonderful or most chaotic time of the year? Hard to say. Loads of shopping. Long lines. Crowds. Cold, lousy weather. Gift-wrapping. Decorating. Meal prepping. Travel planning. That list of things-to-do seems endless, doesn’t it? Why is this time of the year so hectic? The holidays are supposed to be happy times, right? Right. Yes, there’s a bit of chaos. Don’t, however, let the holiday hustle and bustle shake you to your core. Relax. Be cool. You got this.

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Here are some tips to help you deal:

1. Release your expectations of others. People will do as they do. All you can do is you. Set a good example.

2. Remain at peace. Go to a place of peace within yourself by practicing an online meditation class. Also, explore our offering of free online meditation videos.

3. Breathe. Lots of arguments seem to boil up over the holidays. People tend to be on edge and extra sensitive. If a friend or family member snaps at you or makes a comment that rubs you the wrong way, it’s probably best to breathe and let it go. Don’t add fuel to the fire.

4. Be merry. Allow the joy and bliss of the holiday season to fill your home and heart. Direct your attention to the positive. Open your eyes to all the abundance surrounding you!

5. Practice gratitude. Be grateful for all those around you whom you love.

6. Give with no expectation of receiving. Give out of love.

7. Release memories of the past. Detach from what the holidays used to be like. Live fully in this moment.

8. Recognize that you are exactly where you are supposed to be in life. Release all holiday stress and expectations of what and where you think you should be in your life. Allow yourself to be you.

9. Do yoga at home. Carve out quality time for yourself. I recommend practicing heating forms of Vinyasa online to help release stress and nervous, negative energy. Check out our great selection of online Vinyasa yoga videos.

10. Practice heating forms of pranayama online to burn off anxiety, stress, and nervous energy. Breath of Fire is always an awesome option. Practice Breath of Fire in the these free online yoga videos:

11. Be good to yourself and good to others. Act with love and kindness.

How do you buck up for the holiday season?


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